About me

Plamena Pehlivanova

BA, MSc Public Policy, PhD’18, FRSA

I am a social scientist interested in the liberal arts education, learning sciences and moral philosophy.
bio1I am a Doctoral researcher and Teaching Fellow at UCL Institute of Education, London; have a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities (University of Chicago) and MSc Public Policy and Management (London School of Economics). While a dedicated artist, I gained initial interest in social policy and improving social trust and community engagement through an internship with U.S. Senator Durbin, and continued my engagement in local politics through the office of U.S. Congressman Quigley.

I have developed a portfolio of experiences in the UK, US and Eastern Europe that have nurtured my incessant interest in comparative cultural and public policy, and curiosity in investigating the transferability of ideas and innovative practices globally. My academic research focuses on future skills, professional education and the learning sciences. I work with professional bodies and HE institutions to design, inform and implement holistic teaching practices and value-driven curricula. I have developed methods that engage with philosophical inquiry and constructivist pedagogy to foster social and creative intelligence, character development and moral agency in young professionals. I am a great supporter/associate of Philosophy for Children, and a member of Philosophy of Education Society Great Britain.

I have been a visiting lecturer at the University of Roehampton and Manchester Business School, and a Researcher for The Society for Advancement of Philosophy (SAPERE). I have most recently worked with The Government Office for Science;  Philosophy For Children, and the Royal Society for the Arts.

Current projects and research…

  • Consulting for the Future Skills and Lifelong Learning project at the Government Office for Science
  • Co-designed and piloted university programmes in critical methodologies within Accountancy & Finance degrees; delivering CPD for teaching academics in business schools
  • Co-designing and facilitating a pioneering Philosophy for Accountancy, university programme for young auditors under the AuditFutures initiative (ICAEW)
  • Fieldwork research on the changing role of vocational education BTEC Level2 qualifications (Pearson)
  • Evaluation of Philosophy for Children’s impact on cognitive and emotional skills in children
  • Teacher of foreign literature for International Baccalaureate programme

In addition to prior research work within arts & culture organisations – including the Cultural Policy Institute and Arts Alliance Illinois – I am an aspiring artist, with work exhibited in The Regenstein Library, Chicago, the Washington D.C. Capitol Building, and the Houston Art Gallery (www.plamenart.com).

Publications & Research include:

·    Pehlivanova, P & Martinoff, M. “Philosophy for Accountancy: Educating for responsible professionals” AuditFutures, ICAEW, 2015.

·    Hallgarten.  J, and Pehlivanova. P. “Reclaim your classes: a lesson from Occupy.” TES 10 October 2013.

·    Pehlivanova, P. (2010): ‘The Decline of Trust in Post-Communist Societies: The case of Bulgaria and Russia’, Comparative Issues, 2(05).

·    Gibbs. B, and Pehlivanova. P, (2013) State of the Region report: Factors affecting schools’ decision-making around their engagement with the art and cultural sector, Norfolk & Norwich Festival Bridge.
·    Dissertation work (2011): ‘The Impact of Performance Measures on Educational Achievement in secondary English schools’ (LSE)

·    The impact of arts education on the academic achievement and employability of disadvantaged young people (Arts Alliance Illinois)

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