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BA, MSc Public Policy, PhD’18, FRSA

I am a social scientist interested in the liberal arts education, professional development, learning sciences and moral philosophy. I am passionate about fostering practical wisdom, authenticity and reflective practice in a time of complexity and moral division. Through my work, I humbly aim to revive philosophical dialogue at all levels of policy-making, academia and practice – where evidence-based policy goes beyond positivism and critical theories in academia become more relevant to the paradoxical realities of practice.

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I am a Doctoral researcher and Teaching Fellow at UCL Institute of Education, London; have a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities (University of Chicago) and MSc Public Policy and Management (London School of Economics). While a dedicated artist, I gained initial interest in social policy, improving social trust and community engagement through an internship with U.S. Senator Durbin, and continued my engagement in local politics through the office of U.S. Congressman Quigley.

I have a portfolio of experiences in the UK, US and Eastern Europe that have nurtured my incessant interest in comparative cultural and public policy, and curiosity in investigating the transferability of ideas and innovative practices globally. My academic research focuses on future skills, professional education and the learning sciences. I work with professional bodies and HE institutions to design, inform and implement holistic teaching practices and value-driven curricula. I have developed methods that engage with philosophical inquiry and constructivist pedagogy to foster social and creative intelligence, character development and moral agency in young professionals. I am a great supporter/associate of Philosophy for Children, and a member of Philosophy of Education Society Great Britain.

Previously a Visiting Lecturer at University of Roehampton and Manchester Business School, and a Researcher for The Society for Advancement of Philosophy (SAPERE). I have most recently worked with The Government Office for Science;  Philosophy For Children, and the Royal Society for the Arts.


Publications & Research:



Projects and Research include:

As an educator, researcher and consultant, my portfolio encompasses international programme development, teaching and module design in schools and universities, field research, policy analysis, horizon scanning and feasibility studies. 

I have most recently worked on projects within the Government Office for Science, Institute for Chartered Accountants, Pearson, The RSA, Philosophy for Children, and leading business schools in the UK and US. 

In addition to prior research work within arts & culture organisations – including the Cultural Policy Institute and Arts Alliance Illinois – I am an aspiring artist, with work exhibited in The Regenstein Library, Chicago, the Washington D.C. Capitol Building, and the Houston Art Gallery (www.plamenart.com).

Conference presentations:

  • International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference (October, 2017) – “Reviving Professionalism in the Changing Context of Business, Technology and Society
  • American Accounting Association Conference (August, 2017) – The Missing Foundation: Teaching ‘Professionalism’ Critically and Holistically
  • British Accounting & Finance Association Conference (2017) – Designing conditions and pedagogy in professional education
  • American Accounting Association Conference on Teaching and Learning (July, 2016) – What can we learn from the Learning Sciences? Philosophical Inquiry in the Classroom.
  • Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain annual conference (2015) – “Repurposing Philosophy for democratising education”
  • Winchester Philosophy for Children annual conference (2014) – “Bridging democratic process with critical pedagogy
  • Teach First, Bulgaria Annual Education Conference (2014) – “Understanding and designing your school’s curriculum


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